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Fürstenfelder beer garden is located on the grounds of the historical Fürstenfeld Monastery in Fürstenfeldbruck, south west of Munich. The beer garden is situated in the abbey which was once a living quarter for monks and personnel.

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The section where the self-service food stall is now located was built in 2002 in style of the old architecture. The restaurant, which is still part of the original structure, dates back to the the 13th century. The current restaurant in the same premises as well as the beer garden opened in 2003.

The beer garden is partly shaded by sun-umbrellas and one huge tree at the centre of the self-serviced area. The self-serviced area has 550 seats and the serviced terrace has 160 seats.

The monastery was founded in 1256 under the rule of "Ludwig der Strenge", Duke of Bavaria. After having executed his first wife on (mistaken) suspicion of adultery he was ordered to build a monastery by Pope Alexander IV. Perhaps partly due to a sense of guilt, the Duke maintained and equipped the monastery favorable until his death. in 1294.

The beer garden with its impressive baroque castle-like backdrop is an idyllic setting which has become a popular venue amongst locals who often come in groups of friends and unwrap their home cooked food in true Bavarian style.

For those who do not bring their own food, the restaurant and self-serviced area offers Bavarian specialties, using locally and often ecological ingredients from the surrounding farmland.

The beer garden is part of the 4-star hotel situated in a separate area across the abbey.

The beer garden and restaurant is open Monday to Friday from 4:30pm until 11pm, Saturday from 2pm and Sunday and public holidays from 11:30am.

Fürstenfeld 15
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

Tel: +49-(0)8141-88875-410
Website: www.fuerstenfelder.com