Forsthaus Kasten

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Forsthaus Kasten is a family and excursion beer garden located in the protected landscape Forst Kasten (forest Kasten) near the Forstenrieder Park, southwest of Munich. Surrounded by nature, the beer garden is an ideal destination for walks or bicycle tours through the forest.

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The history of Forsthaus Kasten dates back to the beginning of the 13th century. In those days the Heilig Geist Spital (Holy Ghost Hospital) was found to take care of needy people. In 1308 the property Gut zu Kasten has been sold to the hospital. Due to additional acquisitions and donations, the property increased until 1750 to the present size of 400m². In 1899 the restaurant Forst Kasten was found, from where the forest ranger of this time sold small meals to hikers.

Forsthaus Kasten
Im Forstenrieder Park - zwischen Neuried und Gauting
82131 Gauting

Tel: +49-(0)89-8500360