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* [http://www.merkur-online.de/lokales/nachrichten/paechterwechsel-kraillinger-brauerei-690636.html Article in German Münchner Merkur]
* [http://www.merkur-online.de/lokales/nachrichten/paechterwechsel-kraillinger-brauerei-690636.html Article in German Münchner Merkur]
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[[de:Kraillinger Brauerei]]
[[de:Kraillinger Brauerei]]

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The Kraillinger Brauerei, also known as the “Kraillerei” amongst the locals, is a classic style Bavarian beer located along the small river Würm in Krailling, 18 kilometres south west of Munich city.

Kraillinger Brauerei 001.jpg
Kraillinger Brauerei 002.jpg Kraillinger Brauerei 003.jpg Kraillinger Brauerei 004.jpg

With about 2,500 seats the Kraillinger Brauerei is the largest of four beer gardens situated within an approximate 1½ km² radius. The beer garden is connected with a restaurant including a small serviced terrace, a bar and a ballroom which is a popular venue for weddings and other special occasions. There is a mix of old-style wooden tables that are fixed to the ground and more typical wooden benches in the self-service area, all of which are mostly shaded by large chestnut trees. Kraillinger Brauerei was a brewery at this location up until maybe 30 years ago. While the beer garden has retained its traditional atmosphere the beer is now supplied by the Bavarian brewery Herrnbräu. The light and dark lagers are tapped from wooden barrels and sold at €6.90 p/Maß (May 2015).

The beer garden opens between 10am and 11am and closes about 11pm.

Kraillinger Brauerei
Margaretenstraße 59
Ecke Pentenriederstraße
82152 Krailling

Tel: +49-(0)89-8571718
Website: www.kraillinger-brauerei.de

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