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''May 2017:'' Over the last two years the beer garden has changed much. The traditional beer garden benches have been replaced with regular cafe tables. Although there is still a self-serviced area with a food stall, it is not clearly accepted to bring own food!''</div>
'''SeePost (not to be mixed up with [[Postgarten]] in Herrsching on the other side of the lake) is located in a small village overlooking the Ammersee about 37 kilometres southwest of central Munich. SeePost was originally a local post station.'''
There are about 300 seats in the self -serviced area and 80 seats on a serviced terrace. Jazz bands sometimes perform on Sundays. SeePost is a popular venue amongst both locals and tourists. The beer served is [[Löwenbräu]] and a [[Maß]] Helles (lager) costs €6.00 (April 2013).
[[image:SeePost 009.jpg|600px]]