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'''Plantage! is located in the Freisinger Staatsforst on the northern edge of the city of Freising ??km north of Munich. Plantage! is a nice hobbit-like forest beer gardens with giant oak and ??buschen?? trees.'''
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The restaurant has existed since ??1885??. In those days Royal hunters meet for a beer after their days of hard work. The name Plantage! refers to a fruit tree plantation that existed in at this location since 19th century. (does it still exist?)
The self-serviced area of the beer garden has 1200 seats with tables in different shapes and sizes situated partly in the forest and partly in a courtyard. People can sit on old-style fixed-to-the-ground benches, large round group tables or regular(conventional) beer garden benches.
One long food and beer stall sells typical Bavarian meals, vegetarian dishes and a wide selection of salads. Fresh Steckerlfisch is prepared on charcoal grill at a separate stall. The beer served is Weihenstephaner and costs €6 p/Maß.
On Sundays and public holidays live bands perform at the traditional "Musikfrühschoppen" from 1pm to 5pm. (usually what music??). A nearby attraction is a "Walderlebnispfad" (forest experience path) where one can learn more about the forest. Signs along the 3.5km path explain various trees and plants in the forest.
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The beer garden is open daily from 10am until late ??midnight??. The kitchen is closed on Mondays (is restaurant also closed then??).