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'''Plantage! is located a nice hobbit-like forest beer garden shaded by giant oak and beech trees in the Freisinger State Forest on at the northern edge of the city of Freising , approximately 45km north of Munich. The building has existed for over 125 years and once served as a meeting place amongst royal hunters to enjoy a beer after a hard day's work hunting in the forest. The name Plantage(with or without the exlamation mark! is ) refers to a nice hobbit-like forest beer garden shaded by giant oak and beech treesfruit tree plantation that once existed here in 19th century.'''
<table cellpadding{| class="0imageTable" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="padding|-bottom:6px;"><tr><td |colspan="3" style="padding-bottom:6px;">| [[File:Plantage 001.jpg|600px]]</td></tr><tr><td align="left">|-|[[File:Plantage 011.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td |align="center">|[[File:Plantage 010.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td |align="right">|[[File:Plantage 014.jpg|196px|none]]</td></tr></table> <table width="600" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="padding|-bottom:6px;"><tr><td align="left">|[[File:Plantage 002.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td |align="center">|[[File:Plantage 003.jpg|196px|none]]</td><td |align="right">|[[File:Plantage 006.jpg|196px|none]]</td></tr></table> Plantage! has existed since over 125 years when royal hunters met for a beer after a day's of hard work. The name Plantage! refers to a fruit tree plantation that once existed at this location in the 19th century.|}
The self-serviced area of the beer garden has 1200 seats with tables in different shapes and sizes situated partly in the forest and partly in a courtyard. People can sit on old-style fixed-to-the-ground benches, large round group tables or conventional (orange) beer garden benches.