Zum Flaucher

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'''The beer garden Zum Flaucher is located in the southern Isar water meadows in a park and woodland in the Munich city part Sendling. Surrounded by forest, the beer garden can be only reached by bike or foot. Zum Flaucher is an idyllic beer garden in the city without the feeling of being in the city.'''
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Flaucher is actually an island in the Isar river. The name originates from the bar-keeper Johann Flaucher, which realised in the 19th century that the former forester's lodge of the Wittelsbacher family might be an ideal restaurant catering for day-trippers exploring the surrounding forest. Since the 1870's the Isar meadows became more and more popular and soon the Flaucher became one of the most popular beer gardens in Munich. The Isar river behind the beer garden is a nice place to swim and cool down as well as meet friends at a barbecue. A grassland just next to the beer garden is suitable for sport activities or just relaxing and sunbathing. Guests wanting to drink their beer whilst laying down can simply take their [[Maß]] over.
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