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'''Concordia Park is a relatively unknown beer garden in Munich-Neuhausen hidden behind a number of garden allotments for city dwellers. The adjoining restaurant exists since 1884. In recent years it was a Greek restaurant but following a change of ownership in 2010 the restaurant and beer garden now serves traditional Bavarian food.'''
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There are about 800 self-serviced seats and up to 100 in the waitress serviced area. During popular football tournaments, guests can follow the matches on a large public viewing screen. Each Thursday is "Hax'n Day", half knuckle of pork with dumpling for only €5.90. One [[Maß]] [[Löwenbräu]] Hell (lager) costs €6.20 and a Maß [[Franziskaner]] Weißbier (wheat beer) is €6.40.
Tel: +49-(0)89-155241<br>
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