Gutshof Menterschwaige

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The beer garden has about 2,000 seats under large chestnut trees in the self-serviced area. Guests can sit either on regular tables or beer garden benches. The roofed, wooden terrace in the served area has 150 seats. The food stalls of the self-serviced area offer [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick), meat and sausage specialties grilled over beechwood and sweet delights such as crêpe and [[Auszogne]]. A [[Maß]][[ Löwenbräu]] Hell (lager) costs €7.7090 (May 2016). <!Every Wednesday a Maß beer and a portion spareribs cost only €17 (July 2017) -- april 2012 -->but only when the weather is nice.
A small house situated next to Gutshof Menterschwaige, the [[Lola Montez House]], is full of history. It was the location of the smallest royal blacksmith and a place where King Ludwig I was hiding his mistress the dancer Lola Montez.
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Gutshof Menterschwaige
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