Gasthaus Siebenbrunn

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The Siebenbrunn restaurant and beer garden was reopened following a complete renovation and change of leaseholder in 2012 and has quickly become a popular venue amongst the locals. There are about 750 seats sparsely shaded by large trees in the self-serviced area, which makes up the largest part of the beer garden. The serviced area is situated alongside the restaurant building below sun umbrellas.
The current leaseholder , Martin Osterrieder who , comes from the region of Franconia and has brought with him the Franconian food culturewith him, which is usually spicier than other typical Bavarian meals. All meals in the self-serviced and serviced area are prepared using only fresh ingredients. Martin Osterrieder, a cook himself, has banned the do not make use of preprocessed ingredients in his kitchen, even the bread is baked on location. The separate restaurant kitchen offers a wider selection of typical Franconian food, such as "Fränkisches Schäufele" (crispy shoulder of pork), baked carp, "Fränkische Bratwörschte" and "Saure Zipfel" (Bratwurst cooked in vinegar).
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