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Alternatively, the syntax is simple. For bold text, enclose the word(s) within three single quotes:
== Image links ==
To make an image link to a some page , instead of leading to the larger version of the same image which is clicked on, add the link attribute pointing to the target page within the image markup, as follows:
[[File:Alter Wirt 009Ramersdorf 005.jpg|160px|link=Alter WirtRamersdorf|left]]
<nowiki>[[File:Alter Wirt 009Ramersdorf 005.jpg|200px|</nowiki><span style="background:yellow#efe9d9;">link=Alter Wirt Ramersdorf</span><nowiki>]]</nowiki><br clear="all">
== Link to an image or other file ==
== Skype button ==
The available on-click actions are '''add''' (for adding contact), '''chat''' (for launching a chat window) and '''call''' (for starting a regular call).
== '''Google Maps''' ==
To create new or edit existing Google maps on pages, click on the map button above the edit box.
== Images ==
[[Image:Landgasthof_Langwied_003Alte Villa 040.jpg|left|120px300px|]] Align an image to the left of a text and force a ''clear-all'' break after this sentence...
<br clear="all">
<nowiki>[[Image:Landgasthof_Langwied_003Alte Villa 040.jpg|left|120px300px|]]Align an image to the left of a text and force a clear-all break after this the sentence...</nowiki>
<nowiki><br clear="all"></nowiki>
== Wide images ==
To display an image in a horizontal scroll box that is generally wider than most screens in a horizontal scroll box, the syntax is:
:<nowiki>{{</nowiki>wide image|''name''|''image width''|''caption''|''box width''|''alignment''<nowiki>}}</nowiki>
{{wide image|Biergarten sign 004.jpg|3000px|Biergarten sign}}
The following example includes a 1,500 pixels wide image of the [[Augustiner-Keller]] entrance sign. The code generates a scrollbar below the image on systems with browsers that are otherwise not wide enough to display the full width of the image without scrolling the entire browser window sideways:
:<nowiki>{{wide image|Augustiner-Keller 036.jpg|1500px|Augustiner-Keller}}</nowiki>
{{wide image|Augustiner-Keller 036.jpg|1500px|Augustiner-Keller entrance sign}}The wide image box is best used for displaying images that are wider than 600 800 pixels, since it prevents preventing the visible image area from stretching past the available screen space on small mobile devices, such as iPhones and certain netbooks.}}A scroll bar will appear only on devices where the image is wider than the available screen width.
{{wide image|Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn 011.jpg|1500px|View of Munich skyline with alps in the background, seen view from the hilltop close to at [[Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn|Mariabrunn beer garden]].|45%|left}}
'''Image box size and alignment'''
{{wide image|Schlosswirtschaft Mariabrunn 011.jpg|1500px|View of Munich skyline with alps in the background...|45%|left}}
== YouTube and Google videos == To add a video from YouTube on a page, copy the video ID from a YouTube URL, e.g.[<font color="red">PfLz-Yx6k14</font>] and paste the relevant bit into the edit form within a ''youtube'' tag as follows: <pre><nowiki><youtube>PfLz-Yx6k14</youtube></nowiki></pre> <youtube>PfLz-Yx6k14</youtube>
To add a Google video from YouTube on a any page, find simply copy the video ID by clicking the '''Embed video''' link next to the video screen or copy it from the a YouTube URL if one is part of it, e.g. For example: [ I2DiJzlWvGw<font color="red">-4130343380896166511I2DiJzlWvGw</font>#]and paste into a ''youtube'' tag in the edit form as follows:
Then simply place the ID in the following ''googlevideo'' tag:<pre><nowiki><googlevideoHTML5video type="youtube">-4130343380896166511I2DiJzlWvGw</googlevideoHTML5video></nowiki></pre>
<googlevideoHTML5video type="youtube">-4130343380896166511I2DiJzlWvGw</googlevideoHTML5video>
The comments are added to the discussion section of each page.
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