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Concordia Park is a hidden beer garden in Neuhausen, located behind a garden a number of allotment mini gardens for city dwellers. The connecting restaurant exists since 1884. Up until recently, it was a Greek restuarant, but following a change of management (May 2010) the restaurant and beer garnen now serves traditional Bavarian food.
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There are about 800 self-serviced seats and up to 100 in the waitress serviced area. During popular foot ball tournaments, guests can follow the match on a large public viewing screens.
Each Thursday is "Hax'n Day", half knuckle of pork with dumpling for only EUR 5.90. Open daily from 10.30am until midnight.
One Maß Löwenbräu Helles (lager) costs EUR 6 and a Maß Franziskaner Weißbier is EUR 6.40.
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