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Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim is located in the outskirts of Munich in the Aubinger Lohe forest, a popular destination for nature lovers. Bienenheim means “bee home” and the restaurant serves as a meeting place for the bee masters of the nearby bee keeping farm where ecological honey is produced and sold.

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The beer garden reopened under new management in 2010. There are 350 seats in all including the self-serviced and serviced tables. The beer sold is Maisacher Helles (lager) which costs €6.20 p/Maß and Räuber Kneißl Dunkel at €6.40 p/Maß. The Sedlmayer Weizen (wheat-beer) is €6 p/Maß. The self-serviced food stall offers a variety of traditional Bavarian meals and snacks.


  • 6 regular fixed to the ground tables
  • 2 round wooden tables
  • about 50 people
  • rest served area, strictly disallowed to bring food from restaurant to self-serviced area
  • served area in big contrast to self-serviced area, ss-area feels neglacted, food stall closed on sunny, warm Saturday afternoon, grass overgroing the Kieselsteine

Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim is accessible via S-Bahn to Lochhausen plus a 15-minute walk. The beer garden and self-serviced area is open during the summer months from Tuesday until Friday from 4.30pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am until it gets cold. The tables in the serviced area are open from Tuesday until Sunday from 11.30am.

Waldwirtschaft Bienenheim
Bienenheimstraße 11
81249 Munich (Lochhausen)

Tel: +49-(0)89-89555927
Website: www.waldwirtschaft-bienenheim.de

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