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After the fall of the Bavarian Kingdom and the second world war the restaurant and beer garden was almost forgotten. In 1943, a south Germany tobacco trader planned to tuse to use the Leibereim as a recreation ground for its workers but the plan fell through. In 1953 the grandfather of the current owners bought the building. Several leaseholders ran it since then as a restaurant and beer garden. The beer garden has 2,500 seats and is well shaded by a combination of chestnut trees and large red umbrellas. The food stall offer a typical Bavarian menu. The beer served is [[Erhartinger]] and a maß Helles costs €6.70.
A special offer for parties over 25 people is the grilled Spanferkel (a whole grilled suckling pig). There are traditional Bavarian brass bands playing on a regular basis and major football tournaments are shown live on a large public viewing screen.
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