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'''The main building of Hirschau opened under the name of “Zum Hasenstall” (meaning to the rabbit cage) in 1840, at which time it served mainly workers of a nearby wood factory. As over the years more and more locals discovered the inn, the name changed to simply Hirschau and the beer garden was opened.'''
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The beer garden with its 2,500 seats is located in Hirschau, a quite park area of the English Garden in the centre of Munich. The beer garden is a popular location amongst families and visitors of the park. Besides a few chestnut trees large sun umbrellas shade the wooden tables and beer benches. On sunny days fresh Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) can be bought at the entrance. Live jazz bands perform Wednesday and Friday from 5pm, Saturday from 2pm and Sunday from 1pm. Major football tournaments are shown a large screen in the beer garden or, depending on the weather, in the “Kaisersaal” inside the main building. The beer served is [[Spaten]] and a [[Maß]] costs €6.90.

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