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'''Gasthof Hinterbrühl is located in the nature sanctuary of the Isar banks <!-- Naturschutzgebiet der Isarauen --> in southern Munich, close to the Hinterbrühler Lake. The very popular and busy beer garden lies at the Isar channel, which runs parallel to the Isar river.''' <!-- '''The Hinterbrühl beer garden is located close by the Hinterbrühler Lake and the Isar River. The main building was built in 1800 on the grounds of a former brick yard.-->
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Hinterbrühl has a history of over 200 years. The main building stands on the grounds of a former lime kiln. In the 18th century the lime kiln closed down and the Gasthof Hinterbrühl was found. After the opening of the nearby rafts hythe the inn functioned as a restaurant for the raftsmen. Due to its idyllic location, the inn became also popular amongst Munich's locals. 1909 the inn was extended and rebuilt to its present Alpine style. 1991 the listed building was taken over and renovated by the last Karl Heinz Wildmoser senior, longstanding club president of the football team TSV 1860 München. In 2011, Hinterbrühl was further renovated by the current leaseholders.
The [[Hacker-Pschorr]] beer is served from wooden barrels and costs €6.50 p/[[Maß]]. <!-- April 2011 --> Located nearby beer garden is a small golf course and the Naturbad Maria Einsiedel, an outside swimming pool with untreated water.

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