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Augustiner Schützengarten

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The beer garden has 2,500 seats on old-fashioned wooden tables that are fixed to the ground. Guests can enjoy a beer in the sun while those who prefer will find a place in the shade below one of the large chestnut trees. Every Sunday from 5pm a Bavarian band performs on a small stage and guests are welcome to dance to the music.
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A unique feature of the beer garden is the singing landlady, Gigi Pfundmair, a professional opera singer who performs every second Thursday (inside the restaurant) and Sundays in the beer garden (depending on the weather). Beside theatre music, Gigi also sings Bavarian songs and Schlager (light pop tunes). The location has a castle-like atmosphere and the historical building with banquet hall is an ideal venue for special events for up to 300 guests.
Münchner Haupt’
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The beer garden is open daily from 11am until 11pm and can be reached by a short walk from Mittersendling S-Bahn station.

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