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Schlossgaststätte Leutstetten

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'''The Königlich-Bayerische Schlossgaststätte Leutstetten beer garden is located opposite a castle built by the Wittelsbacher family in 1595. The beer garden is popular amongst day-trippers and bikers en-route Starnberg or Munich along the nearby [[Würm]] stream. The Schlossgaststätte is still owned by the Wittelsbacher family. The restaurant adjoining the beer garden was once the living quarters of the servants and is now decorated with old photos and memorabilia of former times collected over generations.'''
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The beer garden has 500 seats on traditional fixed-to-the-ground tables and benches under giant chestnut trees. The self-serviced food stall offers a wide variety of homemade food such as potato salad and [[Obatzda]] (trational Bavarian cheese creation) as well as delicious spare ribs, Hendl (grilled chicken) and [[Steckerlfisch]] (grilled fish on a stick). The beer served straight out of wooden barrels comes from the Kaltenberger Schloßbrauerei and costs €6.50 p/[[Maß]] (April 2012).

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