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[[File:Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe 007.jpg|600px]]
In 1872, Spaten made history by introducing a an amber coloured Vienna style beer at Munich's Oktoberfest, named Märzenbier. The [[Märzenbier]] was first sold in the Schottenhamel Festzelt when the normal beer had ran out of supply and so it became an instant success. The Märzenbier, became known as [[Oktoberfestbier]] and changed to the pale golden and slightly stronger Helles (lager) which is still sold during the Oktoberfest. The Märzenbier was originally permitted to be brewed only between St. Michael's Day (29th September) and St. Georg's Day (23rd April) and had to be stored in ice cellars until the Oktoberfest.
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